Java WM Library 1.0.5

A (very) minor release for the World Model Java library.  I’ve changed the dependency on mina-core to the JAR type instead of the bundle.  All the MINA docs want you to use the bundle packaging, which requires the maven-bundle-plugin.  In the end, mina-core doesn’t require bundling, and it became a headache.

Maven Central should be updated in the next 24-48 hours.  If you’re impatient, you can always build from GitHub.  If you’re already using version 1.0.4, you don’t need to make any changes.

Java Library Betas


The Java libraries are in Beta now.  I’ve finished the common (released), sensor, solver, and world model Java docs, but I still need to add unit tests to parts of the world model, and then write-up a few examples for testing before releasing them to Maven Central.

Things seem to be moving along nicely.  Ben is working out a few bugs in the world model/C++ socket code, and his port to MariaDB should be ready for lab testing soon.

Finishing the Java libraries


I’m nearly finished with the Java libraries.  I’m adding the last Javadoc comments to the world model library now, and I think by Friday I’ll have enough unit tests and testing done to release the libraries to Maven Central.  It’s going to feel really good to get these things done and start working on the rest of the components again.  Perhaps even some work on my motion localization algorithm.

Quick code examples


This weekend I added some new code examples that demonstrate how to use the Java libraries (sensor, solver). They’re just a start, mostly for testing/debugging. Later this week, when the World Model library is ready, I’ll add some useful Solver and Application examples. I’m thinking of making a little chat program that utilizes the World Model as a server.

All the Java example code is being kept in a repo on Github.

Java Sensor Lib 1.0.1

I’ve been working on the Java Sensor Library documentation for the last couple of days.  Javadoc’ing everything, seeking out bugs, and generally getting it ready for the 1.0.1 release to Maven Central.  Along the way, I’ve refined a few methods, found some logic errors, and introduced a simpler API.  I think it’s almost done, and after writing a few more JUnit test cases, it’ll be ready for release.