Working RPIP + Wiznet 5100 Prototype

We’re planning on using the MSPG2553 on our basestations, called RPIPs, but we want to use Ethernet as our backhual to send data to the cloud so I’ve working on getting DHCP and DNS working with the Wiznet Arduino shield. The wonderful mess of wires in the photo is my working prototype (an MSPG2553 on the launchpad board and a Wiznet 5100 shield). Woo!


I’ll be cleaning up the code so that I can publish it on Owl Platform’s github, and we’re finalizing the hardware designed of the receivers. We’ll be using these new receivers when we launch our system, but other people may also get some use out of them since they’ll be pin compatible with Arduino shields while also have on-board radios. This would help people who are looking to migrate from the Arduino to the MSP since they could still use all of the Arduino shields that they’ve bought and worked with before, but with the MSP and an already wired and tested radio design.